Lionel “LTD” Djaowe  (left)  Starr Nathan  (right)

Lionel “LTD” Djaowe (left) Starr Nathan (right)


who are we…

STARRPOWER Entertainment, LLC is a creative collective that specializes in video production. Our mission is to tell stories for brands, artists and products in an unique memorable way.

Starr Nathan and Lionel “LTD” Djaowe met early in their professional careers. During that time they both learned that they had an unmatched passion for storytelling and shaping culture. It wasn’t long before they decided to put their overtime efforts into their own independent company that focuses on creating unique visuals that stand out from the rest. From the beginning the company has been built on the mantra "it's just different."

Currently, Starr Nathan resides in New York City as a Senior Producer at Bleacher Report. LT resides in New Jersey as a Cinematographer and Editor at Viacom.